Haircut, Style, Consultations

Cuts range from $50-$100

Color & Balayage

  • Color ranges from $110-$350

    • Schwarzkopf

    • Goldwell


  • Investment ranges from $100-$2,000, please call to schedule a consult 303-386-3403

    • Hot heads

    • Obsessions 

    • Hair dreams

Brows by Lea Curry — $40-$550

  • Shaping

  • Tint

  • Microblading

  • Permanent Makeup

Barber — $45-$65

Braids by Erin — $33 and up

In Native American tradition combing represents the alignment of thought, braiding is the oneness of thought, and tying is the securing of thought. Secure your hair, secure your thoughts, or just get your hair out of the way. 

The Dirty Braid by Erin — $44

Extend the life of your last shampoo and get a few more days before you have to wash your hair again. First, we'll sprinkle Cult and King's Hair Powder made with organic Arrowroot Tapioca to absorb oil and soothe the scalp.  Then we'll use Tonik by Cult and King, sprayed roots to end to give you growth promoters, anti-fungals, vitamins, and more. Then, finished with Balm to remove dirt and oil with nature’s detergent Saponin and moisture with Organic Sunflower seed oil and jojoba seed oil. Once your hair is coated in all that goodness, we'll set all that natural goodness with a braid you can wear the next few days, unwind for a day of waves and then wash as normal. Hair should be less than five days dirty for best results.

Crystal & Oil Infused Scalp Massage with Erin — $44

Add this on to an existing service for $22. Scalp massages originated as an ancient Indian practice of medicine called Ayurveda.  This practice was used to balance the mind, body, and spirit. Erin’s scalp massages include crystal comb treatments with CrownWorks Crystal Combs that can support breaking negative thought or behavior patterns, as well as instill feelings of inner calm. Plus, it just feels and sounds amazing. Your experience will be customized with blended oils for relieving headaches, promoting scalp health, encouraging restful sleep, or whatever you need most. This service includes a hair wash but not a blow out, please book a blowout separately if you need one.



Special Event Hair and Makeup

Please call to schedule a consult: 303-386-3403

Our Story

Creating the space where it’s about more than beauty.

It’s your place too. You can come here as you are. Arrow is a place where you can be confident about getting a hairstyle, brows, color, extensions and more from someone who loves hair, and brows, and barbering. Not like. LOVE.

It’s also a rejuvenating and re-energizing experience. Where people know you and care about you beyond your appointment. To be able to bring together a group of really talented individuals with experience in the beauty industry and a global thirst for learning and creativity is at the heart of Arrow.

When the idea for Arrow was born, the intention was clear. To fill a need for modern creative space that nurtures the art of modern beauty, what hairdressers crave paired with what clients need in a welcoming space within a luxurious and storied environment. We took care of the little things that matter too — good coffee, good wifi, good service, and ample free parking!


Our Pricing

Varies by stylist, length of hair, and your desired look.

Cuts range from $50-$100
Color ranges from $110-$350
Extensions range from $100-$2,000
Men’s Barber $45-$65
Brows . Microblading range $150-$550
Special Occasion Hair, Lashes & Makeup. Call for consult.

Email or call with any questions or for a consult.